Indian Nanoelectronics Users Program

Indian Nanoelectronics Users Program (INUP) is an initiative to create and spread expertise on nanoelectronics in India.

It is jointly run by the Centre of Excellence in Nanoelectronics at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IITB) and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (IISc). Financial support for INUP is provided by the Department of Information Technology (DIT), the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Government of India.

External users can utilize IITBNF facilities under INUP through medium-term or short-term projects. One-time measurements or unit processes can be accessed as a service as well. INUP organizes various training programs at IISc/ IITB for all potential users of the nanofacilities, whether medium-term, short-term or services. In addition, special training modules required by specific users would be given as and when necessary.

The second phase of INUP is started in 2013 to continue to facilitate and support the generation of expertise and knowledge in nanoelectronics through participation by external users in INUP. IITBNF encourages all potential users to find out more about applying through INUP and participate in our upcoming workshops & conferences.

Last updated on: 20-Jul-2022