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Slot booking

This module allows the users of IITBNF to book the tools online for usage. It connects the tools with a hardware lock which can be unlocked by the person who owns that particular slot. This online module allows user management, resource management and accounting of usage charges. To view the Process Documents please click here.

Equipment usage request

As the name suggests, this module provides a platform where the lab users can submit request for usage of tools and the concerned resource persons can give their approvals for the same. This is linked to the slotbooking module above and only the approved requests can have a slot booked against them.

Wafer issue

Users can apply here for getting approvals for issuing wafers. The incharge of wafer stock also can do an online inventory management of the wafers, masks and other related consumables like precious metals.

Approval of new chemicals/ materials

In case any lab user wants to bring in and use a new chemical/ material in the IITBNF labs then they need to do proper documentation of their application and get approvals in multiple levels. This module facilitates the same process and is completely online.

Temperature and Humidity Dataloggers

All the labs are fitted with temperature and humidity data loggers. The data logged can be viewed online through this module.

Online modules (official use)

AMC & Inventory Management System

As the name suggests this module allows the IITBNF staff to manage the inventory of all consumables, non consumables and spareparts. It also allows to manage the AMC of all tools in the lab. It is equipped to send automated reminders and alerts for scheduling AMCs, and procuring items well in time in case stock depletes. It also allows the purchase team to track all the purchase orders through a purchase tracking system.

HR portal

Management of human resources, reporting system, leave management and appraisal system are all integrated into one complete HR Management module.

Equipment/ Facility/ Safety/ Process Troubleshooting

Any kind of complaint which is either related to Lab Facility, or any of the equipment in the various labs or their processes may be reported here. Complaints related to safety also are registered in the same module. This module allows one to log a complaint, assign it to the relevant staff for trouble shoot and take a regular followup on the same.

Facility management

Complete online facility management system. The live status of all facility equipment can be seen through this module.

Safety portal

Complete online Safety equipment management system. Any maintenance work to be undertaken at IITBNF must be done only after taking approvals from concerned lab in-charge, facility team, safety team and the lab manager. This module contains work permit form which is to make this entire process online.

IITBNF Repository

For IITBNF staff who may use it store their documents. The module allows you to sort the documents into categories for better management.

Indent Purchase and Tracking

This module allows users to make online indents and online approvals and tracking of Purchase requests.

Inventory & Lab status

Information on lab resources for our users.

Bulk materials
User-specific materials
Wafers/ mask plates
Equipment status


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