Conference Papers

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Raveesh Gourishetty, Saranya Reddy Shriram, Debi Prasad Panda, Subhananda Chakrabarti, "Influence of Sb composition on the band alignment and optical characteristics of strain coupled vertically aligned InAs/GaAsSb quantum dots", Quantum Optics and Photon Counting, 2021.


Raveesh Gourishetty, Debi Prasad Panda, Sanowar Alam Gazi, Subhananda Chakrabarti, "Optical and structural investigation of multilayer InAs SK QDs with In0.15Ga0.85As strain-reducing layer electronically coupled to SML QDs grown by molecular beam epitaxy", Quantum Optics and Photon Counting, 2021.


Sudipta Mukherjee, Kasturi Saha, Dipankar Saha, Apurba Laha, Swaroop Ganguly, "Loss Reduction in a Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System Operated with P-&-O Algorithm based MPPT Control by introducing Diamond MOSFET", International Symposium on Devices, Circuits and Systems (ISDCS), 2021.