Equipment Details

4 inch RCA Clean Station

Name of the Equipment4 inch RCA Clean Station
Categoryclean (for si)
OperatorMinita Surwade (NH)
Pankajkumar Gound
System OwnerMinita Surwade (NH)

Pankajkumar Gound

Short Name
Make/ ModelLaxmi Instruments/ NA
Critical ToolYes
Serial Number200801132 (P O numbe
Equipment TypeWet chemistry tools
LocationWet Chemistry lab
AMC Required
Local DealerRupesh Khule

07208246450(for DI water system)
Actual DealerNil

SOP SOP/183_SOP.rar
Training & other policy documentsPOLICY/183_POLICY.pdf
Recipies RECEPIES/183_RECEPIES.pdf
Glimpse GLIMPSE/183_GLIMPSE.pdf
Tool Facilities RequirementsDI water, Hot plate
Lab Phone No4464
Substrate allowedSi
Substrate DimensionMaximum 4 inch Si wafers
Chemical allowedAmmonium Hydroxide, H2O2, HCl, HF, DI water, Only RCA chemicals and DI water
Precursors/ Targets allowed
*Based on stock availability
Precursor/ Target loaded inside tool
Target dimensionNA
Gases allowedPN2 for drying
Contamination remarksNo other chemicals allowed. No glasswares allowed. Only teflon and quartz is allowed. Sodium and potassium contamination strictly prohibited.
Last updated on: 20-Jan-2023