Equipment Details


Name of the EquipmentALD LL
Categorysemi clean b
OperatorAnjum Khan
System OwnerAnjum Khan

Short Name
Make/ ModelCambridge Nanotechnology Ultratech SE Asia Pte. Lt
Critical ToolYes
Serial NumberNA
FootPrint1.7mtrs X 0.56 mtrs
Equipment TypeDeposition, Growth and Annealing systems
LocationNano Lab
AMC Required
Local DealerSujata Singh

Dynotech Instruments Pvt. Ltd. 803-804, Vishwa Sadan, District Centre, Janak Puri, New Delhi- 100 058 Ph: 91-11-2561 2270 Email: Contact Person: Sujata Singh
Actual DealerUltratech SE Asia Pte. Ltd.

Ultratech SE Asia Pte. Ltd. Company Registration No. 20102976Z No. 02-01, 1 Kaki Bukit View, Techview, Singapore � 415941
SOP SOP/200_SOP.pdf
Training & other policy documentsPOLICY/200_POLICY.pdf
Recipies RECEPIES/200_RECEPIES.rar
Glimpse GLIMPSE/200_GLIMPSE.pdf
Tool Facilities RequirementsChiller water, PN2, GN2, O2, Ar, NH3
Lab Phone No4411
Substrate allowedSilicon, Germanium
Substrate Dimension1cm X 1cm upto 6 inch
Chemical allowedTetrakis(dimethylamido)hafnium(IV), Tetrakis(dimethylamido)titanium(IV), Trimethyl aluminium, NA
Precursors/ Targets allowed
*Based on stock availability
Precursor/ Target loaded inside tool
Target dimensionNA
Gases allowedNitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Ammonia
Contamination remarksSamples from gold contaminated tools and having photoresist not allowed.Samples with Na and K not allowed
Last updated on: 20-Jan-2023