Equipment Details

Multi-pocket Electron-beam Evaporator (4 target - GaN)

Name of the EquipmentMulti-pocket Electron-beam Evaporator (4 target - GaN)
Categorygold contaminated
System OwnerMahalaxmi Patil

Short Name
Make/ Model/
Critical ToolNo
Serial Number
Equipment TypeDeposition, Growth and Annealing systems
LocationMicro1 Yellow Room
AMC Required
Local DealerOerlikon Leybold Vacuum India Pvt. Ltd.
Actual DealerSandep chaudhri

SOP SOP/212_SOP.pdf
Training & other policy documentsPOLICY/212_POLICY.pdf
Glimpse GLIMPSE/212_GLIMPSE.pdf
Tool Facilities RequirementsWater Chiller
Lab Phone No4493
Substrate allowedOnly semiconducting substrates are allowed. No glass.
Substrate DimensionApprox 4 Inch or less
Chemical allowedIPA for cleaning, Ti/ Al/ Ni/ Au
Precursors/ Targets allowed
*Based on stock availability
Ti/ Al/ Ni/ Au
Precursor/ Target loaded inside tool
Target dimensionSlugs
Gases allowedPN2 for venting
Contamination remarksTop surface is either PR coated or stable element and Only clean room processed wafers are allowed. The wafer should not have goneout of the clean room at any time.wafers processed in clean tools are only allowed
Last updated on: 20-Jan-2023