Equipment Details

Schlenk Line (1)_Fume Hood 1

Name of the EquipmentSchlenk Line (1)_Fume Hood 1
Categorygold contaminated
System OwnerPankajkumar Gound

Short Name
Make/ ModelCustom made/ NA
Critical ToolNo
Serial NumberNA
FootPrint2m X 2m
Equipment TypeWet chemistry tools
Location7.1 Lab
AMC Not Required
Local DealerMed gas n equipment

2, SHIV ASHISH, PLOT NO. 56, SECTOR 34, KAMOTHE, DIST. RAIGAD 410209, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA. Tel. No. :- +91 22 65140533 Fax. No. :- +91 22 27617835 E-mail :- Website :- www.medgas.
Actual DealerNA

SOP SOP/287_SOP.pdf
Training & other policy documents
Glimpse GLIMPSE/287_GLIMPSE.pdf
Tool Facilities Requirements
Lab Phone No119
Substrate allowedNA
Substrate DimensionNA
Chemical allowedAny, subject to review, Any
Precursors/ Targets allowed
*Based on stock availability
Precursor/ Target loaded inside tool
Target dimensionNA
Gases allowedN2, Ar
Contamination remarks
Last updated on: 20-Jan-2023