Equipment Status

Marker Meaning of marker
Not Working Equipment may not be used
Partially Working -- Equipment fully working but process not optimized
-- Some parts of equipment not working. Eg. Heater in Metal sputter not working
-- Not all processes that are possible in the tool are working
-- Equipment working in manual mode temporarily. Eg. RAITH sample loading is manual sometimes
Fully Working Fully operational

Critical Tool
Critical tools are widely used and their upkeep is of utmost priority. FICs should take the lead for driving the issues to make the tools UP on a high priority basis taking help from all teams (purchase, EMT, facility, process).

Definition of 'Controlled access' for Equipment in labs at IITBNF:

'Controlled access' is marked for certain tools to ensure that equipment is used on a priority basis for processing jobs which are part of Project deliverables and only after that they are made available for other users.

not open for training.
will be available for usage only through operators.
will be available for a fixed time period in a week as per the decision taken by the Faculty in charge of the tool.
Last updated on: 31-Jul-2023