Lab Access Renewal Procedure

Renewal Procedure

Lab members who have lab access need to get renewal done every six months (June/July and December/ January). Registration expires for all on 30th June and 31st December every year.

Extension is given every six months when the steps given below are strictly followed:

  1. For renewal in June/ July, seminars on safety and contamination are arranged for lab members. Attendance is mandatory.
  2. For renewal in December/ January, all lab members need to give the safety, contamination, basic clean room tests once again and clear them all.
  3. During every extension:
Lab members need to meet IT team to check their profile for any modifications/ corrections.
Lab members need to declare that all the papers/publications associated with work done at IITBNF are uploaded in the repository at IITBNF with the approval by their supervisor
Last updated on: 21-Jul-2022