Nanoscale Device Physics

As transistors and diodes shrink in size at the nanoscale, scientists have observed mysterious quantum mechanical effects and new physical phenomena that affect device performance. Understanding the physics behind these observations is crucial to finding solutions for the future. It can also aid in designing new nanoscale devices that use quantum effects to their advantage (such as quantum dots and 2D materials).

However, in order to analyse and design at such small scales, one needs to exclusively work with software tools and analytical equations that enable a thorough physical examination of nanoscale device phenomena or concepts. Research on nanoscale device physics extensively uses mathematical, physical and computational resources to provide solutions and ideas that can be implemented in practice by experimentalists.

Here are stories on physical insights at the nanoscale, offered by our device physicists and engineers.

Tweaking the Transistor below 10 nm

Novel structural modifications predict robust functioning at these extreme length scales


Last updated on: 20-Jul-2022