Quantum Devices

With conventional silicon-based CMOS technology reaching atomic dimensions, device engineers have to battle quantum effects that reduce device performance. New materials and device designs are also being explored as alternatives. Another innovative approach is to use quantum effects to our advantage – by fabricating nanoscale structures that provide desirable current control. Such structures are referred to as ‘quantum devices’, and include quantum dots, quantum wires, quantum heterostructures, etc within its scope. Quantum devices offer many challenges in their fundamental understanding, design and manipulation of charge at the atomic scale. Progress in this area also requires development of techniques to fabricate, observe and measure at such small dimensions. Quantum devices are one of best examples of fundamental science and cutting-edge technology working together.

Following are some our research results on quantum devices.

Finding the Temperature sweet-spot for the Dot

The right heat treatment can stabilize and improve InAs sub-monolayer quantum dots


High Efficiency Quantum Dot Detectors

Implanting protons in quantum dots makes them better radiation detectors


Last updated on: 20-Jul-2022