Areas of expertise

Faculty and students at IITBNF work on various applications of nanotech device research and development. Their expertise and research cover a number of technology domains - from futuristic computing devices to environmental sensors.

Computing devices
Energy-harvesting devices
Communication devices
Sensing and actuatory devices

Latest results

Nanotech device research in our labs often goes beyond the conventional silicon platform, making IITBNF an active contributor to technology innovation globally. Our experiments and studies encompass various materials for a wide range of applications. These are the stories behind some of our latest results.

2D materials
Advanced CMOS & Memory devices
IR photodetectors/ thermal imaging
MEMS/ NEMS/ Sensors/ Bio-sensors
Nanoscale device physics
Neuromorphic/ Bio-mimetic devices
Organic electronics
Oxide electronics
Quantum devices
Solar cells & photovoltaics
Thermoelectric devices


A collated list of our research results published in peer-reviewed journals, conferences and patents.

Journal papers
Conference proceedings


Nanoscience is pervasive in many of our electronic devices today and is likely to define our future technologies as well. We hereby attempt to de-mystify nanotechnology and semiconductor device research for the non-specialists.

Nanotechnology @ IITBNF
What does semiconductor device research consist of?
The story behind
Memory technology
Logic devices
Spintronics research
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